Press Releases

II‐VI Incorporated has introduced the latest release of its BIMO-FSC laser cutting head that is rated for 15 kW of laser power

The ByStar Fiber from Bystronic is being enhanced with a 12 kilowatt laser and a new 'BeamShaper' function

Arnim Büchle (49) will join the management of TRUMPF Sachsen GmbH effective April 1, 2019. Roger Kluth (52), the commercial manager, will now be working at the head office in Ditzingen

Laser Components offers a range of process head systems for fibre and fibre delivered lasers. The 25mm and 30mm clear aperture series for laser micromachining are designed for fine cutting and welding applications with both conventional and fibre lasers. Precise adjustment of the desired spot location allows for intricate cutting work such as medical stent manufacturing or semiconductor processing. 

Global manufacturers are facing increasing pressure from their clients in the automotive industry to provide part-to-part traceability. Being able to trace every part inside their production facilities with a unique, permanent, scannable barcode provides data-oriented manufacturers invaluable information for process control. 

Laserax has developed a complete line of laser markers that enables direct part marking to help manufacturers trace every product from early production steps to the assembly of the final products and beyond. 

Dr Martynas Barkauskas has taken over as CEO from Dr Algirdas Juozapavičius, who will continue to advise the company.

Amplitude has released its new Tangor UV high-power femtosecond laser, which is able to deliver up to 150µJ of UV pulse energy, has a repititon rate ranging from single shot to 2MHz, and a pulse width of 500fs.

The new laser can dramatically enhance a production line by providing an excellent balance between cutting quality and throughput, while being compact and lightweight.

It has been designed to be easily integrated into a production line, and offers high processing flexibility, no matter the optical setup used.

This 'Center of Excellence', designated as Coherent Munich, will be a significant upgrade to the organisation’s applications and R&D capabilities

Advanced functionality such as high-accuracy beam positioning and auto-focus, collision detection, and smart path planning, make it ideal for applications in manufacturing, research and development, academic research, and prototyping

Amada Miyachi America, a manufacturer of welding, marking, cutting, sealing and bonding technology, has received a multi-million dollar, multi-system order for ultrashort pulse laser micromachining equipment in a major United States-based medical device manufacturer