Press Releases

Gentec Electro-Optics has launched its meterless Integra Series, a new line of all-in-one detectors that combine a detector and a meter in one product. The meter presents a direct USB connection so it can be plugged into a PC. The PC-Gentec-EO software supplied with the product allows power measurements to be taken within seconds.

Each detector of the All-in-One Integra Series offers the same performance as the usual detector and meter combination, from picowatt to kilowatt and from femtojoule to joule. All of Gentec’s most popular detectors are available with the Integra option.

Kern Technologies has released its LightWave debut line of CO2 lasers. Lasers of 100W, 150W and 200W are available in a sealed and compact design

At Photonics West, Spectra-Physics introduced Talon, a new family of UV and green Q-switched diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers that takes cost-performance to new levels

IPG Photonics has launched a wide portfolio of fibre laser products at Photonics West, including: the ECO family of kilowatt-class ytterbium fibre lasers with a wall-plug efficiency exceeding 40 per cent and an estimated operation time between service and intervention of five years; the Mega Pulse line of nanosecond fibre lasers with energy per pulse up to 100mJ and an average power up to 5kW; and a family of single-mode green fibre lasers providing up to 500W average power in CW and QCW modes with a wall-plug efficiency of more than 15 per cent.

Fianium has released Hylase-25, a high-energy picosecond laser, for customer trials.

The Hylase system consists of two models, with sub-20 picosecond pulse duration and specified power (maximum pulse energy) of 8W (50µJ) and 25W (125µJ). With built-in optical modulators, the laser offers a pulse repetition rate of up to 40MHz and burst-mode operation for advanced process development. Both models have also a second harmonic module as an option.

The Hylase lasers also have a compact footprint which will benefit system integrators.

Trumpf has developed the SeamLine Pro, a weld monitoring system that senses the seam welding point, the beam spot and the weld itself at the same time

Kern Laser Systems has upgraded its HSE product line. Kern is a supplier of mid-range CO₂ laser systems with table sizes ranging from 52 x 25 inch to 80 x 120 inch and various laser sources available up to 400W. A new direct drive gantry system has been implemented that simplifies the calibration and maintenance schedule.

NKT Photonics has released the Koheras Basik X15, ultra low noise fibre laser for the growing fibre sensing market. The X15 has low phase noise below 1 μrad/√Hz combined with a narrow hertz-range linewidth performance

Cobolt, Swedish manufacturer of DPSS lasers, has released a family of pulsed lasers consisting of two series: the Thor series of Q-switched lasers and the Odin series of mid-IR lasers

Trumpf has introduced the TruMicro Series 2000, to extend its TruMicro Series of short and ultra-short solid state lasers