11 June 2020

The first webcast in the Lasers In Action series covered blue diode lasers, automated weld monitoring and thermal laser processing.

09 June 2020

Edmund Optics has developed nano-structured anti-reflective surfaces that can be used to reduce stray light in laser systems for materials processing.

28 January 2020

This webinar will dive into the technology behind laser-based functional surface texturing, with a focus on the EU-funded LAMpAS project

05 July 2016

Modern ultra-short-pulse (USP) laser are enablers for the miniaturization of products or components in several sectors. This includes: Automotive, Aerospace, Textiles, Medical technology, Precision engineering etc.

In these markets typical applications for the lasers include: Drilling, Ablation, Structuring, Cutting.

Hole drilling in particular has become an important application in these industries. SCANLAB has introduced an innovative precession subsystem to the market that uses a novel 5-axis technology to incline the beam.

These five axes (x,y,z,α, β) maximize flexibility for process development beyond typical percussion drilling: e.g. spiral drilling, trepanning and precession drilling, which means the laser is tilted and moved helically.

24 June 2016

While cutting is a major laser application, laser welding is gathering new applications day-by-day. The current diode laser technology supports ongoing process developments and improves existing welding applications. This is driven by low investment and cost of ownership, but now process results show incredible improvements concerning spatter, homegenous welds and adaptive in-situ process control.

In many applications diode laser technology is thought of as the legitimate successor of CO2 lasers. The presentation includes some application results to demonstrate the above, along with a general update on the current range of welding applications.