Artificial intelligence and machine learning

The new Peregrine software being used to monitor and analyse a component during printing. (Image: Luke Scime/ORNL, U.S. Dept. of Energy)

New AI software to offer real-time 3D printing quality assessment

The new AI software identifies and controls surface-visible defects by using a convolutional neural network to perform high speed image analysis

Trumpf enables copper additive manufacturing by combining its TruDisk 1020 with its TruPrint systems.

Lasers initiate copper AM take-off

Optically-driven additive manufacturing is entering uncharted territory with challenging reflective, thermally conductive metals such as copper, finds Andy Extance

The benefits of AI and machine learning in laser processing were discussed by a panel of experts at the show

Powering up in San Fran

Power increases across multiple laser technologies are set to bring further benefit to materials processing, Matthew Dale learnt at Photonics West

AI for Laser Technology Conference

In laser technology, machine and sensor data are used to monitor a production process. The ever-advancing transformation of production environments in Industry 4.0 and the cyber-physical systems enables these processes to be analyzed in a simpler, more reliable and synergetic manner in the future.








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