Nuburu to showcase blue laser 3rd generation light engine at Photonics West

Since the introduction of the blue industrial laser in 2017, continuous improvement in laser characteristics has brought unprecedented speed, quality, and flexibility to welding and additive manufacturing applications.

Nuburu is launching the Nuburu BL-series at Photonics West in January 2023 – a new compact form-factor generation blue laser enabled by an innovative 3rd generation light engine design.

With 802 exhibitors and 29,581 visitors in attendance at Formnext this year, the AM industry has clearly returned to its pre-Covid levels of enthusiasm for live networking. (Image: Mesago)

Pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing

Matthew Dale on some of the key innovations seen at Formnext this year

Numerous 30kW systems were at EuroBLECH 2022 and generating plenty of interest, as seen here at Cutlite Penta’s booth.

The ultra-high power era of laser sheet metal cutting

Matthew Dale reports on the increase in 30kW+ flatbed cutting systems seen at EuroBLECH 2022, Hannover

Lasers offer a non-contact, fast, flexible and cost-effective tool for cutting sheets across a range of industries. (Shutterstock/Parilov)

Development trends in laser sheet metal processing

Matthew Dale speaks with specialist laser integrator Cyan Tec, on some of the latest developments taking place in the field of sheet metal cutting








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