Fibre lasers

Lasers offer a non-contact, fast, flexible and cost-effective tool for cutting sheets across a range of industries. (Shutterstock/Parilov)

Development trends in laser sheet metal processing

Matthew Dale speaks with specialist laser integrator Cyan Tec, on some of the latest developments taking place in the field of sheet metal cutting

The "large" version of the TruMicro 7070 now has up to four jet outlets. The laser power can either be distributed over all four outlets or fully accessed at a selected outlet. (Image: Trumpf)

Trumpf presents two new systems at LASYS

Trumpf is currently presenting two new laser solutions at LASYS - The TruMicro Series 7000 and the TruFiber 2000P

The machine can handle sheet thicknesses up to 50 millimeters and processes a variety of materials ranging from aluminum to mild steel. (Image: Trumpf)

Trumpf launches TruLaser 3080 for XXL sheet metal cutting

TruLaser 3080 fabricates parts in sheets up to 8m long and is particularly adept at cutting large and heavy parts weighing up to 7,850kg

Cyan Tec Systems relies on Trumpf fibre and disk laser technology to maximise the quality and reliability of its machines.

Laser systems builder relies on Trumpf technology

Cyan Tec Systems, a designer and manufacturer of bespoke automation systems, relies on Trumpf solid-state fibre and disk laser technology to help maximise the quality and reliability of its machines

Here a laser beam is being delivered via a flexible fibre to weld thin piping. (Image: Shutterstock/sspopov)

An introduction to laser welding

A brief introduction to laser welding, the technologies involved, and the advantages it offers over other joining methods








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