Process monitoring

Buildings, launch pads and roads could be built out of moon dust melted with a laser, turning the lunar surface into a vital outpost for further space exploration. (Image: Team SEArch+/Apis Cor)

AI-assisted laser 3D printing to create moon-base infrastructure

On-site fabrication could save enormous transportation costs and be a crucial factor in advancing the exploration of the Moon and space

From left: Abicor Binzel, CTO Prof. Dr.-Ing. Emil Schubert, Bernd Lorösch, Business Unit Manager for JOSY - weld seam inspection at SmartRay and Dr. Andreas Kahn, Director Global Laser and Sensor Business at Abicor Binzel

SmartRay and Abicor Binzel enter global partnership for welding inspection

This cooperation creates synergies for smart automation in welding technology, for example, for the automotive industry and other manufacturing sectors

The scientists can use the plume generated during LPBF as a ‘process signature’ that provides insight into the stability of the process. (Image: Heriot-Watt University)

Researchers optimise LPBF using plume monitoring

Examining the plume generated during LPBF can help determine the stability of the process.

Bipolar plate functionalised with USP laser microstructuring (Credit: Fraunhofer ILT)

Fraunhofer ILT inaugurates Hydrogen Lab at AKL’22

The ‘Hydrogen Lab’ offers a wide range of laser-based experimental facilities that cover the manufacturing steps for producing metallic bipolar plates

Researchers at IFSW’s x-ray facility will study dynamic beam lasers to better understand the impact of laser beam shape, shape frequency, and shape sequencing on keyhole stability, weld quality, and microstructure. (Image: Civan Lasers)

Researchers study melt pool dynamics using high-speed x-ray diagnostics

The researchers will view inside the melt pool during laser welding to better understand the origin of defects such as pores, spatter, and cracking

POWDERscreen measures exactly which metals flow in what quantity into the focus of the laser beam. (Image: Fraunhofer IWS)

New device measures powder flow during laser cladding

The powder meter will improve the quality of the components produced and make the entire production process precisely repeatable

(a) Two-wavelength holographic set-up for LBM monitoring. (b) Key-hole in melt pool on 316L substrate. (Image: Matthieu Piniard, Beatrice Sorrente, Gilles Hug, and Pascal Picart)

Holographic imaging system obtains AM melt pool topography

Researchers have developed a two-wavelength holographic system capable of measuring the topography of a melt pool in-situ








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