On demand: Lasers in Action preview: Weil Technology

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Together with the organisers of LASYS, Laser Systems Europe will host the Lasers in Action Forum live on 21-22 June 2022, discussing emerging applications and technologies across various aspects and industries of laser materials processing.

In this webinar, now available on-demand, we heard from one of the featured presentations that will form part of the Lasers in Action forum, Weil Technology, as well as the organisers of LASYS itself, Messe Stuttgart. 

Cornelia Schlingelhoff of Messe Stuttgart opened the webinar by introducing this year's LASYS event, it's accompanying programme and the importance of attending the 2022 Lasers in Action Forum.

Andreas Scholz of Weil Technology then took us through how to address the challenges of fluctuating batch sizes and order intakes in the field of sheet metal processing, which can be done using Weil Technology's innovative portfolio of ‘Flexible Laser Solutions (FLS)’ – variable system technology for efficient laser welding and cutting of sheet metal assemblies with individual concepts.

He answered questions such as: 

  • How do you find out what’s best for your sheet metal assembly production – what are the influencing factors and what are good solutions?
  • How can you achieve quick and easy change-over time, autonomous production and several processes with one machine?
  • How can you split complicated processes into simple, parallel working steps with a high output? 

Learn all this and more in this on-demand webinar!


Andreas Scholz
Area Sales Manager at Weil Technology.


Cornelia Schlingelhoff
Manager of Exhibitions and Events at Messe Stuttgart (organisers of the lasys event)

Moderated by Matthew Dale, 
Editor of Laser Systems Europe

Who should attend? 

This webinar is aimed at engineers, technicians, factory managers, and those responsible for technology purchasing in the sheet metal processing industry.







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