Webcast: Surface functionalisation through microstructuring

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The LAMpAS project has the scope of developing a new laser system to ramp up the production of functionalized surfaces, which have controlled topographic characteristics providing products special functionalities such as being antibacterial and/or self-cleaning, friction reduction, optical security functions, decorative effects etc.



This webinar will give some insights about the technology behind laser-based functional surface texturing, focusing on the needed high-resolution multi-beam processing, and about the possible applications in the Home Appliances sector. 


  • Francesca Moglia

Project Leader at EPIC-European Photonics Industry Consortium


  • Prof Dr Andrés F Lasagni, Technische Universität Dresden

Presentation: 'Introduction to Direct Laser Interference Patterning: application examples and technology development'

Direct Laser Interference Patterning is a multi-beam processing technique offering high flexibility for feature sizes in the micro- and nanometer range. In this talk, different strategies for the generation of interference patterns with multiple laser beams at different wavelengths and on various materials will be presented. Furthermore, the capability of this technique for high throughput at low costs and the related latest technology developments will be shown.

  • Ander Villate Robles, BSH Electrodomésticos España

Presentation: 'Industrial applications of ultra-short pulse lasers in the Home Appliances sector'

In LAMpAS, BSH has the role of demonstrate and validate the different functionalities that can be attributed to surfaces after the laser-based texturing treatment. In this talk, the characterization and application of anti-finger print, decorative (optical) and easy-to-clean properties and performances on ovens, cooktops, hoods, dish-washer fascia panels and fridge front-door surfaces will be introduced. 

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Laser machine to enable mass-production of functionalised surfaces for consumer market 

Wielding the increasing average power of ultrafast lasers